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Outboard Fishing Tournament
P O Box 541
Port Aransas, Texas

Kim Hill
(361) 749-4923

Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce
(800) 45-COAST


Outboard Fishing Tournament
2014 Winners
Fish Winner Home Town Weight in lbs Length in Inches
1st Spanish Mackeral None      
2nd Spanish Mackeral None      
1st Marlin None      
2nd Marlin None      
1st Pompano None      
2nd Pompano None      
1st Redfish Tommy Krueger San Antonio 7.6 lbs 27 5/8
2nd Redfish Joe Duran Port Aransas 7.4 lbs 27 5/8
1st Red Snapper Kelly Lazidis San Antonio 6.9 lbs 23 6/8
2nd Red snapper Mark Froman San Antonio 5.6 lbs 22 5/8
1st Sailfish None      
2nd Sailfish None      
1st Sheepshead None      
2nd Sheepshead None      
1st Spec. Trout Matt Sherwood Corpus Christi 5.9 lbs 27 3/8
2nd Spec. Trout George Black La Vernia 5.2 lbs 26 1/8
1st Amberjack None      
2nd Amberjack None      
1st Flounder Melissa Fowler San Antonio 2.8 lbs 18 6/8"
2nd Flounder Matt Sherwood Corpus Christi 1.6 lbs 15 1/8"
1st Gafftop Mark Rochester Port Aransas 7.1 lbs 25 2/8
2nd Gafftop Whittney Williams   4.6 lbs 22 5/8
1st Black Drum Cash Coble Port Aransas 8.3 lbs 26
2nd Black Drum Cash Coble Port Aransas 8.1 lbs 26 2/8
1st Barracuda Sandy Athenton San Antonio 8.1 lbs 32
2nd Barracuda Peter Lazidis San Antonio 8.3 lbs 35 5/8
1st Dolphin Ken Peterek Bergheim 31.3 lbs 59 2/8"
2nd Dolphin Julie Newton San Antonio 3.0 lbs 24 6/8"
1st Kingfish Buddy Francis Jacksonville 22.6 lbs 42 7/8
2nd Kingfish Chris Lazidis San Antonio 14.3 lbs 38 1/8
1st Ling George Willey Cameron 21.2 lbs 42 5/8
2nd Ling None      
1st Shark Jacob Young Port Aransas 74 lbs 69"
2nd Shark Shaun Vernon San Marcos 5.9 lbs 38"
1st Blackfin Tuna None      
2nd Blackfin Tuna None      
1st Wahoo None      
2nd Wahoo None      
Hard Luck Award Dona Kappmeyer LaVernia    
Sportsmanship Award        
Most Unusual Fish William Vogelsang San Antonio Remora  
1st Heaviest Stringer - Redfish/Trout/Flounder Matt Sherwood Corpus Christi 11 lbs  
2nd Heaviest Stringer - Redfish/Trout/Flounder Elbert Gillespie Port Aransas 7.6 lbs  
Junior Division        
Kingfish William Vogelsang San Antonio 21.7 lbs 45"
Redfish Charlotte Ramsden Port Aransas 7.1 lbs 26 2/8
Spec Trout Arista Garcia Corpus Christi 1.7 lbs 18 1/8
Dolphin Annabelle Newton San Antonio 2.7 lbs 24 4/8"
Sheephead None      
Flounder Cody Wagenfehr San Antonio 1.5 lbs 15 1/8"
1st Blackfin Tuna None      
1st Ling None      

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