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Outboard Fishing Tournament
P O Box 541
Port Aransas, Texas

Kim Hill
(361) 749-4923

Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce
(800) 45-COAST


Outboard Fishing Tournament
2019 Winners
Fish Winner Home Town Weight in lbs Length in Inches
1st Spanish Mackeral None      
2nd Spanish Mackeral None      
1st Marlin None      
2nd Marlin None      
1st Pompano None      
2nd Pompano None      
1st Redfish Lia Phillips Port Aransas 8.4 lbs 27 3/4"
2nd Redfish Tommy Wayland Pflugerville 7.6 lbs 27"
1st Red Snapper Frank Neil Port Aransas 14.8 lbs 29 3/4"
2nd Red snapper Colin Thomas Dallas 12.9 lbs 29 3/4"
1st Sailfish Stephen Filtsch San Antonio Catch and Release - 68"
2nd Sailfish None      
1st Sheepshead None      
2nd Sheepshead None      
1st Spec. Trout Nathan Moczygemba Round Rock 2.9 lbs 21 3/4"
2nd Spec. Trout Nathan Moczygemba Round Rock 2.8 lbs 21 3/4"
1st Amberjack Frank Neil Port Aransas Catch and Release - 60"
2nd Amberjack Emily Blaha Corpus Chrisiti Catch and Release - 30"
1st Black Drum Lia Phillips Port Aransas 5.5 lbs 22 1/4"
2nd Black Drum Lia Phillips Port Aransas 5.5 lbs 21 3/4"
1st Barracuda Brent Marczynski Unknown 13.4 lbs 43 3/4"
2nd Barracuda Mike Mashl Seguin 13.1 lbs 40"
1st Dolphin Stephen Filtsch San Antonio 36.7 lbs 60 3/4"
2nd Dolphin Anne Hickman Port Aransas 36.4 lbs 58"
1st Flounder Billy Crisp Coppell 3.1 lbs 19 1/2"
2nd Flounder Lia Phillips Port Aransas 2.7 lbs 18"
1st Gafftop Ben Wilde Temple 3.7 lbs 22"
2nd Gafftop Sherman Laskowski San Marcos 3.5 lbs 21 1/2"
1st Kingfish Clayton Thomas Dallas 33.6 lbs 52 3/4"
2nd Kingfish Clayton Thomas Dallas 28.8 lbs 52 1/4"
1st Ling None      
2nd Ling None      
1st Shark Kimberly Henry Aransas Pass Catch and Release - 75" Hammerhead
2nd Shark Blue Shodrock San Antonio Catch and Release - 35"  
1st Blackfin Tuna None      
2nd Blackfin Tuna None      
1st Wahoo Zane Bailey Port Aransas 18.8 lbs 46 3/4"
2nd Wahoo Evan Sosebee Dallas 13.7 lbs 43"
Hard Luck Award More Info coming Soon      
Sportsmanship Award Jason Carlough & Garrett Port Aransas    
Most Unusual Fish Haley Masters Castorville    
Best Professional Guide Cash Coble Unknown 33.2 lbs  
1st Heaviest Stringer - Redfish/Trout/Flounder Lia Phillips Port Aransas 12.8 lbs  
2nd Heaviest Stringer - Redfish/Trout/Flounder Nathan Moczygemba Round Rock 10.7 lbs  
Junior Division
Kingfish Zane Bailey Port Aransas 1.3 lbs 13 1/4"
Redfish Kolt Klaerner Fredericksburg 4.5 lbs 22 3/4"
Spec Trout None      
Dolphin None      
Sheephead None      
Flounder None      
1st Blackfin Tuna Zane Bailey Port Aransas 1.3 lbs 13 1/4"
1st Ling None      

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